Roots Cafe

This small business profile is part of #OneVoice – a limited series on businesses owned by immigrants and sharing real stories of success & struggles while celebrating the diverse Canadian culture together.

Located this historical neighborhood is an award-winning community cafe with amazing coffee and award-winning butter chicken poutine. Traditional dish with a Canadian twist is not the only thing Roots Cafe is known for. Their exceptional service and mouth watering meals make guests want to come back every week. Ethel Garcia, Roots Cafe owner, tells us more about this lovely restaurant located in Punjabi Market:

About: Roots Cafe is a warm, corner-of-the-neighborhood coffee destination. They serve a variety of hot and cold coffee creations, and exquisite fusion cuisine. 

History: The shop was owned by a South Asian couple before Ethel Garcia took over. She grew up in the neighborhood and bought the place to put down roots. The goal is to provide exceptional service —with great coffee and tasty meals— to her beloved community.

Best dish: They are known for their Butter Chicken Poutine which, in 2014, was named the best poutine in Vancouver. Esther loves the hot, spiced chai which is made with a mixture of home-made spices. Also, on a hot day, she enjoys an Iced Kona Mocha, a Hawaiian import that is sweet with nutty undertones. 

After lockdown is over: Esther cannot wait to get together with her family and have a feast in her backyard.

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